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Stop Motion Collabs

A couple years ago, I started to experiment with stop motion. I had seen some work from an artist I really liked in Utah, Becca Clason and since I had both a photography and video background, I gave it a try. Stop motion is a series of still photographs that you move objects in between each photo and then put the series of photos together to make a video.

I usually do between 10-15 frames per second so if I am looking to make a 15 second movie than I will need to take roughly 150 photos. Although stop motion can be tedious, it is something that I love the finished product of so I still have it as an option for clients if they want it. Here are a few that I have worked on with clients.

Cents of Style

This was one we did for fashion brand Cents of Style for their fall line. It was a combination of a shirt, pants, jacket, shoes, accessories, etc. The concept was that the clothes would move in and get dressed. With this concept, we built the last shot and then worked backwards. When I edit, I then reverse it.

Foodie Crush in partnership with Heinz

Heidi reached out to me for this project and wanted to do something different than we had done with our other videos. The project was for a Sky High Sandwich in partnership with Heinz Mayo and they liked the idea of doing a stop motion one for this post. We shot about 1200 photos that day. We also wanted to style the shoot so we layed out all the ingredients so we could get some pops of color and texture. Each movement is an individual photo so it took a long time to get all the shots for such a short video.

Freshly Picked & Hello Maypole

One thing I like to do with brands I am interested in working with is to reach out to them and pitch a concept. That way I get a sense of how they work and whether we are a good fit. The thing that is great about Freshly Picked is they have a process in place for working with and brand or influencer, no matter what the size is. The will send product and do a giveaway which is really nice when you are starting out and wanting to get content for you want to show others. On this one, I also reached out to Hello Maypole and they added to the giveaway. They do these adorable felt balls and this was the start of several projects I have done with them. It was a simple concept but really fun to put together. I love to give things away so this was a good pairing where we were able to do that.

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