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Juicing with Clean Eats & Treats

It has been really fun over the last couple of years to meet and work with so many cool influencers, brands and bloggers. One connection leads to another, then another, then another. Recently I was introduced to Clean Eats & Treats when I was working on a project for Gillys Creative Kids. Once we met, she had a video project come up with Dandy for a series of juicing videos.

I need to head out and get a juicer because they were amazing!!

Juicing with Dandy

We made three different kinds

* Sweet Beet

* Tropical Greens

* Sunny J

The Location & Shoot

Shannon of Clean Eats and Treats has a beautiful and well lit kitchen which makes it nice when filming. She also had a stylist there so we were able to have her set things up in a way to make them look great in the photos and video. When I get to a set, we always to a quick talk through the shot lists so I can get an idea of how everything will come together. As a producer you have to begin with the end in mind and then work backwards so you don't miss anything. On this shoot, we put lemon in one of them when it wasn't supposed to be so we had to work around that in post. Sometimes you catch some things like that while you are filming, but sometimes I miss it. That is why I like to educate clients and make sure they have a recipe they are following so I can make sure we don't miss things.

Also, Jared likes to just focus on shooting so I like to be able to take that off his plate so he can focus on getting the best shots and angles. Get Juicing!


A l w a y s G r a t e f u l,

A s h l e y


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