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Food Blogger Video Guide

One of my favorite food bloggers we have worked with is Foodie Crush. With her extensive background in photography & and food styling paired with our producing and video skills, our video collaborations always have a high quality look and feel to them. Heidi is always aware of where the best light is, foods that mingle well and how to present the perfect bite.

Here is a look at the video we produced with Heidi (Foodie Crush) in partnership with Kroger.

Shrimp Arugula Salad

We always start our videos with some context and finished product shots. After that we move to the recipe which for this one started off with thawed shrimp, drizzled in olive oil with some kosher salt and black pepper. Other ingredients that give this video and recipe the color pops, texture and variety are baby tomatoes, pesto, arugula, parmesan, white beans and almonds. We film videos like this in sequence and then spend a good amount of time on the end getting the best shots we can to use for the intros and end of the video. When making food videos, consider these 10 things:


10 tips for recipe videos:

  1. Film in a space that has natural light

  2. Use two camera angles including overhead and side angles

  3. Follow a recipe

  4. Do some styling to add variety and texture

  5. Get close and low for pours, squeezing or sprinkles

  6. Film additional broll of for context (ie. shots of blogger, kitchen, ingredients or context)

  7. Get 4-6 shots from different positions for the beginning and end of video

  8. Use titles and ingredient lists in video

  9. Give the client 2-3 songs to choose from

  10. Provide versions for social media

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