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Fall Family Photos

Why do I always dread getting family photos taken? I always love the end result but they are always so hard for me to schedule. I think part of it is we are always behind the camera so making the effort to get them done professionally is hard. I adore the photos from our fall session with Abbey Kyhl. Leo never wants to get his picture taken and she did such an amazing job just letting our kids be in their element and she didn't try to pose them. She just had them exist where they were.

Our outfits

I am not one for planning so the task of figuring out what everyone is wearing is not something I spend a lot of time doing. I am not really into Pinterest or making sure everyone is wearing something I approve. I want our kids and us to be comfortable so like most things in parenting, I provided some options for them and then let them pick what they want to wear. I loved the little fox sweater that Leo picked out, it was one of his favorites and wore it until the sleeve finally unravelled and I had to throw it away.

The location

Fall is a pretty time for pictures and because the weather hadn't been great all week and it was cold, we chose to just stay close and go down to Memory Grove. There was more room for our kids to run around and things they would find interesting in between pictures.

My favorite pictures

It's hard to choose because I really love all of the pics but my three favorites are the one of Naomi laying on Leo, Jared looking at Naomi while he is kneeling and holding her and the one of me looking at Jared with Leo staring at the camera. These pictures are seriously gold to me and I smile every time I look at them.

A l w a y s G r a t e f u l,

A s h l e y


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